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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Retrieval Day

It's been 12 hours since the aspiration. The entire procedure lasted about ten minutes. I was wheeled out to our rental car, and heading to our hotel room. I slept for the majority of the day, and at around 5:30PM, decided that I needed to get some fresh air. We went out to a small, dinner joint, which turned out to be delicious. It pains me to walk (My stomach doesn't hurt... it's more my vaginal area that is extremely sore), plus I am still bleeding a good amount, so we borrowed a wheelchair from the hotel. I hope tomorrow the soreness and bleeding will decrease, especially for on our long, flight home.

Okay, so here are some details about the egg retrieval: I was not "put under," however, I was given medication that let me 'forget' all the pain I endured afterwards. My husband was in the room, and he told me that I sometimes whimpered "Ow," but that overall, I was quiet. Before I knew it, the nurse told me that the entire process was completed, and to my surprise, I could not remember a thing or pain I felt. I was told that I bled A LOT! There was blood everywhere... (sorry for the visual). I guess it's not normal to bleed as much as I did, because even the nurse stated that she even felt light headed at the sight of so much of my blood. I can't be sure at the reason I bled so profusely, but my husband thinks he heard them say it was because I had thick lining surrounding my walls. My agency advised me to pay a visit to the clinic tomorrow, about the bleeding. I had 17-19 follicles between both of my ovaries 48 hours before the procedure, however, the doctor only retrieved five eggs. I am not sure why he only aspired 5 eggs... my agency wants me to ask the clinic on why such a small amount of eggs were retrieved when I visit the clinic tomorrow. My agency resolved that it could possibly be due to the heavy bleeding I experienced during the aspiration. I'm not going to lie, but I am really disappointed in the small amount of eggs retrieved- Mainly because it will be extremely difficult for me to ever get picked again. Yes... I said it... I am strongly thinking about donating again.

Updates soon about my condition post-retrieval!

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