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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Trigger Shot: Ovidrel

What Today Looks Like: 
Last Day of Lupron Injection
Ovidrel Trigger Shot at 11:15PM
No more Follistim or Menopur

This morning, I had my last ultrasound and blood work done. Thank goodness, because ultrasounds are not my favorite thing to do when I first wake up in the morning. According to the doctor's office, everything is looking perfect and they will be retrieving my eggs on Thursday at 11:15AM. When the retrieval date is set, the time and date of the trigger shot is also scheduled. This must be taken at a specific time. My trigger shot was scheduled tonight at 11:15PM. I took Ovidrel tonight. Though I have previously donated two other times, I have never taken this brand. I looked it up online, and most girls claimed that their Ovidrel shot was pre-made. Mine was not premade, and I had to mix it myself. 
I hate mixing things myself. All my other trigger shots were always pre-made, so I was a little nervous mixing such an important medication myself. 
The procedure they informed me to do consisted of 1cc of bacteriostatic fluid mixed with 10,000units of Ovidrel in a 3cc syringe. According to many websites, this medication can be taken subcutaneously (SQ) or intramuscularly. My clinic wanted me to take it SQ, as well as my last injection of Lupron.
After taking Ovidrel, I noticed an immediate sting afterwards. I felt sick and wanted to topple over with stomach pain. This was really unusual for me, considering the trigger has never hurt me before. However, I need to remember, I have never taken Ovidrel before. 

Besides the awful sting I experienced with Ovidrel, I felt so bloated today, that even my PJ's felt a little snug! I woke up this morning, and my husband said there was definitely a difference in the appearance of my stomach. These symptoms for me are normal though. I tend to bloat a lot, whereas, other donor friends of mine barely bloat at all. I guess I'm just one of the lucky ones... 
I'm not sure what my current hormone level, but whatever it is, I was extremely fatigued today. I slept for hours. The only reason I woke up, was because I had my an appointment with the clinic's doctors. There will be two physicians performing my surgery on Thursday. I met one of the physicians on Monday. Today, I met Dr. ______. He kind of reminded me on an elderly Santa Clause. He seemed sweet and genuine. During our meeting, he asked me what my future plans were and when I planned to have children myself. I told him that I had just applied to medical school and received some interviews at their schools. I also said that I would be ready to have my own kids after schooling. He advised me to hurry and have kids, because if I wait too long, I will need a donor myself. Let me assure you, that I am well below the age of 30!!! It was an awkward topic, that's for sure. Luckily, I changed the topic of my egg count and how many he thought he would retrieve. He estimated the number of eggs to be about six. Now, this number probably does not sound impressive, but let me remind you that my eggs are GREAT! In my previous cycles, all of my eggs are viable and have succeeded in getting my intended mother preggers. A nurse once told me that during IVF, it's all about "QUALITY not QUANTITY." I can only hope my proven streak can help another couple out! 


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