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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Night before the Aspiration

Wow! This process has gone by quickly. Tomorrow morning is the egg aspiration. I probably should feel more nervous, but I am not. I really trust and love the clinic's nurses, and I will actually be sad that they won't have a reason to call me anymore. I am excited, however, that I do not need to inject myself further with anymore medications. My right abdominal area has taken on a kind of blue-black color in bruises from the injections. I did not spread out the injections because the left area of my tummy simply would not accept needles without a fight.

When I went in yesterday, I was told my estrogen levels had reached its plateau at 1,182, and both my ovaries were doing well. Due to the plateau of my estrogen level, I did not have to take menopure, follistim, or Lupron yesterday. The only medication I was required to take, was an injection of the HCG hormone. This medication did not sting at all, and I was grateful. Tonight, I am excused of all medications/injections, and I am to go in for the aspiration tomorrow morning. Beginning at midnight tonight, I will be fasting until AFTER the aspiration. Fifteen minutes prior to surgery, I will take prescribed Valium to begin to "knock me out." At 9:00AM, I will check-in to the clinic, and the procedure will begin at 9:30AM. I am not sure how long the aspiration surgery is, but from what I've heard, it is not long. I will write details about this later.
Today I did not feel much pain in my tummy. Because I wasn't in pain (and I had a coupon), my husband and I went on an hour cruise. I had never been on a boat before, so I thoroughly enjoyed our little adventure. For dinner, Red Robin's "Burnin' Love burger" was a nice touch for dinner, but I found myself barely touching my food. Even though I am not in pain, my stomach still feels "full." I swore to myself that after donating, I am jumping back into the gym-scene. I feel so heavy, and bloated. At dinner, my husband asked me if I would be up to donating again. I told him that I would have the answer post-surgery. Right now, annoying, growing ovaries is not enough to keep me away from donating again, but I will have to see if the "donation weight" really does melt off and how bad/painful ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome is (if I get it).

Until next time!

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