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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Follistim/Repronex - Day 3

Where I'm at:
Lupron AM - Day 14
Follistim/Repronex (Mixed) PM - Day 3
No Birth Control

My first time injecting the mix, I "cheated the system" by switching the needle to a smaller one. This injection is meant to be intramuscular, and using a smaller needle did not allow the medication to reach the muscle, therefore, causing a small bubble on my upper right quadrant of my buttox. The bubble went away after a few minutes, but I learned to face my fear of the larger needle. On the second day of Repronex and Follistim, my husband injected me as gently as he could. I was surprised that it did not hurt as I'd imagined it out to be. I owe a lot to this blog post I found. She talked a lot about how it looks worse than it actually felt. The injection itself did not really hurt, however, Follistim seems to have a slight after-stinging feel (remember this post during my 1st cycle?) To be honest, the upper right quadrant of my bum is still a little sore from yesterday. For tonight's injection, I might consider inviting my left bum side to the "Follistim/Repronex party" to avoid an extra sore right side.

Tomorrow morning, I have an appointment with my monitoring clinic to check my estradiol levels. I have been religiously doing all the necessary injections and other requirements, so I am confident, that levels should be good.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Day 1: Repronex/Follistim

Where I'm at:
Lupron AM - Day 12
No Birth Control

Tonight, I began Follistim and Repronex (i.e. Menopure). The doctor ordered me to take 10 units of Lupron in the morning, 250 units of Follistim, and one vial of Repronex in the evening. In addition, I was instructed to combine Repronex and Follistim into one vial and inject it

into... my... rear...

I about died when I read the instructions from the nurse via email. I died a second time when I saw the needle!

I cheated on the needle part though... At least for tonight. I took one of my smaller needle overstock from my last cycle, and replaced the needle. I guess that was a bad idea because I ended up with a small bubble on my butt that looked something like this woman's bump on her stomach:

I asked my husband to shoot me in the butt, but I freaked out, and shot myself. It takes a lot of talent to inject yourself in the rear... Just sayin'... I feel a lot better inflicting the pain rather than having someone inflict pain on me. Weird, I know...

Tomorrow, I will have to allow my husband to have some face time with my rear tomorrow (aka: needle in the bum).

We are aiming to retrieve by the second week of December. I am not excited to feel the "water-balloon" feeling in my stomach right before the aspiration. I am also not excited to work with this clinic in ______. They are not as friendly as my last clinic... and the doctor has zero bedside manners. I am told, however, that this doctor is one of the best in their state. In contrast to some of my not-so-excited feelings, I am, however, very excited to see how many eggs they will retrieve this time, and if my recipients will get pregnant like my first couple did!
This cycle, they are doing many things different than the first (see above), to see if they can increase my egg count.

Off topic, I talked with my agency director and asked if anyone had been looking at me lately to do another cycle. One family had been looking at me because of my ethnicity, but still no word about a future cycle. I asked my agency to please send a portfolio out to New York. My husband and I are dying to visit such an exciting place for our next cycle!

Until next time!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Food craving and Stomach pains

Where I'm @:
Lupron Day 6 injections
No more birth control
Aiming to retrieve the mid-December.

I began taking 10 units Lupron via injection on Monday. I was ordered to stop taking my birth control on Friday (yesterday). On Tuesday, I started having painful stomach pains. On my first cycle, I did not experience any painful pains in my abdomen, so I was slightly concerned. The pain repeated itself Friday and today (Saturday). The pain only lasts an hour or so, but it is definitely noticeable. I see my monitoring clinic on Monday morning, so I figured I'd ask the R.E. (Reproductive Endocrinologist) then.

I called my agency to ask about the pain. My agency owners are so kind, and are great about returning calls. They told me that if the pains continued, to make a call to the "on-call" nurse at the I.P.'s (intended parent) clinic. The pain is not severe enough to worry me, however, I like to keep everyone updated.

Like my first cycle, my appetite has increased. It stinks gaining weight, but I am willing to gain the few pounds for a couple more weeks.
If you are an interested, potential donor, please email me! I'd love to share with you my agency!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

2nd Cycle - Just a Little Update

Quick Update:
1. I begin my stimulating medications next week.
2. My medications arrive tomorrow.
3. Today, I began doubling up on my birth control medication.
4. Flight arrangements have been made for my spouse and I to travel to ____ for the retrieval.

Boring post, I know... Nothing too exciting going on with the donation cycle (yet!)

As a side note, I am also entering this contest.