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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Post Retrieval: Almost 2 weeks

It's been almost two weeks since the aspiration, and I began my (eh-hem) period today... Which I am SO excited for. After a retrieval, you are supposed to start your menses within 14 days. I am excited for my period for two reasons: one, it means that everything in my body is OK post-surgery, and, two, is much too embarrassing to reveal even if this blog is anonymous... but, it basically means, it's safe to (um) 'dance' with my husband again.
I am not sure if I already mentioned this, but I received my compensation check in the mail a few days after aspiration. My initial emotion seeing the check for such a large amount was gratitude because they money could not have come at a better time for my husband and I. Then, all at once, I felt like I was stealing... Like, it really wasn't a donation. It wasn't until yesterday my husband asked me this question, and I felt better after our conversation:

Husband: "Do you feel the compensation money was more as a gift? or that you earned it?"
Me: Hm, well, giving injections to myself wasn't work to me... and surgery was not the most fun in the world... hmmm, I see it more as a gift. Like, I sacrificed some eggs, and they were thanking me. I don't feel like they paid me for my eggs.
Husband: Okay. I wanted to ask you indirectly so I would know whether or not we should pay tithing on it.

(Tithing: I am LDS (aka: Mormon).

Even though my husband was being sneaky about asking me about how I felt about the compensation money, I am really happy that I truly feel that way about my donation experience. I know there are many women that do it JUST for the money. The money was the furthest thing on my mind pre/post surgery. I constantly think about my intended parents, praying for them to get pregnant. Tomorrow will be one week since my intended mother was implanted with fertilized egg(s). Yay!

So, (If) Until my Intended parents get pregnant or until I get chosen as a donor again, this will be the last you hear from me... Hope to write sooner, rather than later! Adios


Dreams and False Alarms said...

Yay! just a little tip, we infertiles prefer "transfered" rather "implanted" because, even though it essentially means the same thing, the "implantaiton" carries a meaning that "transfer" doesn't, and most women going through any type of IVF are parsing their hope very finely. Congrats on the positive!

Anonymous Egg Donor said...

Thanks for the tip! I am still so new to the "lingo." I will remember that for next time. :)