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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Day 8: Stimulation Meds/Day 12: Lupron

My husband and I flew into _____ yesterday. The flight went great, even though I was skeptical that security would give me a harder time about carrying my needles, syringes, and foreign liquids on an aircraft the day before 9/11. I had a written note of permission from the doctor to carry-on a large, insulated lunch box full of needles, syringes, and foreign liquids. Surprisingly, we were able to zoom on through, after flashing my permission slip.
When we arrived, we were pooped. We went straight to the hotel, and took a nap. Afterwards, not really knowing what to do in this city, we headed to a local mall. Of course, my first store was Nordstrom rack. It was difficult to shop though... Since, nothing fits me! I left the mall empty handed. I have only gained a couple pounds, but I am bloated... really, really bloated. I think it's water retention, caused by this process. We took some pictures, and after I saw the pictures of myself, I wanted to throw up. I officially look plump! I asked the clinic this morning, if this weight gain was normal. They said, it was very normal. I am glad I though ahead of time while packing... I only packed sweats.

Today, we went to a free, famous attraction here in the city. The city is gorgeous, however, very confusing. To avoid parking fees of $6.00-$10.00/per half hour, I made my husband park over 9 blocks away, where we only paid $3.00 for unlimited hours. On the way back to the car, he tried convincing me to flag a taxi, since the way back to the car, was 9+ blocks uphill. I refused, and was firm about the hike back to the car. After seeing my plump tummy, I was adamant about working my body 9 blocks uphill. Needless to say, it was an intense work out, and we were breathless by the time we reached the car. There was really nothing else to do in the city, without spending tons of money that we don't have, so we headed back to the hotel. During the long drive home, I started having tons of abdominal discomfort. Not abdominal cramping... just pure discomfort. The waist band of my sweat pants felt like they were piercing into my stomach, and I swore that my ovaries were growing that very minute. Speaking of growing ovaries, the clinic measured my ovaries to be about 20mm! Just two days ago, in my home-state monitoring clinic, my ovaries were 11mm (with an estrogen level of 548, which I am told is an awesome number!) My follicles are huge and are looking great! The clinic counted 17-19 follicles a couple days ago, so I'm really excited. One thing I was NOT excited about, was the ultrasound's "monitoring wand," not having ANY jelly on it's way up inside. It was so uncomfortable... painful even! My husband saw my face drain with blood during the ultrasound, and asked if they could put jelly on the wand. They stated that they don't like using jelly this close to the procedure. Tomorrow, I am going to demand jelly. I am in too much discomfort already... I don't need the extra grief of painful ultrasounds.

I only have one vial left of menopure left, an injection (or two) left of Follistim, and a little bit left of Lupron. Injections today were not too painful. My stomach is getting 'tough skin', I guess. I wonder when I can stop injecting myself? I hope I haven't run out too soon? Definitely a question I will bring up to the clinic tomorrow morning.

Tomorrow shows promise. We will be traveling to a city I have been wanting to visit for awhile. It's more than 3 hours away, but I figure, a 3 hr drive is better from our hotel, than a 3 day drive from my home-state. I don't know if my growing ovaries are the reason I don't want to go out too much. I really want to tour the city, but the discomfort in my stomach makes it almost impossible. Any other egg donors have/had any similar bloating/discomfort/weight gain around this time in their cycle? Do share!

*Update: I found out at an appointment at the clinic, that sleepiness is very normal with increased estrogen levels. My estrogen at the time of this post was in the upper 500's. When they measured my estrogen levels the following day, my levels had doubled (1,100's!). I have also been really forgetful... like really, really forgetful. I asked the nurse about my recent dementia symptoms, and she said forgetfulness is also normal with increased estrogen levels.


Anonymous said...

The bloated/full/uncomfortable/I might just explode feeling lasted until about 4 days after my retrieval for all of my donations.

New Egg Donor said...

Hope you don't mind, I came across your blog when I was researching stuff about my own upcoming donation... It looks like I'll be using the same meds as you, (I start follistim & menopur on the 26th) so now I'm freaked about all the bloating and weight gain! I've been trying to lose weight over the past few months, so knowing that I won't be able to do any strenuous exercise AND will almost definitely bloat up really scares me! Good luck with your donation this week though, and be sure to keep us posted!

BTW, did you mix the follistim & menopur to do one injection? Or did the clinic make you do 2 separate injections? Just curious what the norm is...

Anonymous Egg Donor said...

@Anonymous: I have heard that bloating is common after retrieval. I am just not sure how much more 'bloated' I can get! haha. How many times have you donated??

@ New Egg Donor: Of course I don't mind! I wanted to make new friends going through the same process. I'm glad you found my blog. In regards to your question, I have read online about some donors mixing their medications. This to me doesn't make sense, because the follistim pen can only carry cartridges specific to the pen. Other than that reason, I would not mix medications... Of course, don't take my word for it. Always ask your clinic's doctor what they want you to do.