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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Oh Follistim... Why must you hurt me so?

Today is Day 8: Lupron
Today is Day 4: Menopure & Follistim

This morning, I weighed myself and I had gained two pounds. I'm not sure if its too soon for my ovaries to be growing, or the two pizza slices I had the night before? Due to my extra poundage, my jeans aren't quite fitting right- so, I've brought out my sweat pants. Today, was day 1 of sporting one of my Juicy Couture tracksuits.

I definitely feel sore, and "heavier" in my abdominal area. The injections gifted me with another bruise on my tummy this morning and I'm running out of "non-sore" places to inject myself! For potential donors: don't be scared of the injections! They are uncomfortable, not unbearable (yet!- haha).

In just a couple of days, my husband and I fly out to *New York for 6 days! I am really excited to squeeze in some good sight-seeing days, before the egg retrieval. My excitement is also shared with a lot of nervousness. I am nervous about not being put under anesthesia for the surgery. Without anesthesia, I am worried that I will be able to feel the entire surgery.

Until next time!

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