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Saturday, September 4, 2010

FSH, Menopure, and Lupron Injections - Day One

I began my period a couple days ago, so I was ordered to then decrease my units of Lupron from 10 to 5 units. Today, was my cycle day 4, which means, I had another ultrasound, and blood test. My results came back perfect, thus allowing me to begin my follistim and menopure injections.

Currently, my ovaries have approximately 17-19 follicles total- Yay!
On cycle day 8 (Sept. 9th), I return to my monitoring clinic, for yet another ultrasound and blood test. On September 10th, my husband and I fly to New York* for egg retrieval. It is planned that we are to retrieve September 15th or 16th. My husband and I are really excited to tour around such a fun state before the retrieval.

More importantly, I am even more estactic that the numbers of follicles I have has increased- making the chances of pregnancy for my recipients higher!

Everything is going so smoothly, and I could not be happier.

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