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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Post-Retrieval: Day 2

I woke up with little to no pain this morning. The bleeding even stopped! It wasn't until a couple hours later that I began to feel a little sore towards the lower part of my abdomen, and there is light bleeding again. My husband and I are currently waiting at the airport, and I am waiting for the prescribed vicadin to kick in to my system, to stop the pain. The pain/soreness is nothing at all like yesterday- so, I am very grateful for that.
I went into the clinic today to drop off the sharps container, so it wouldn't be a burden to carry around anymore. Inside the container was the remainder of the medicine. I felt like I was throwing away thousands of dollars of medicines, but I was told no one could re-use them anyway. I also asked more questions about the procedure, and why only 5 mature eggs were retrieved. The answers I received were still a little vague for me though... I had more follicles, but they did not aspire them. The nurses also told me that perhaps my estrogen was not high enough, even though they were sure that my estrogen had reached its peak. I still can't help but feel disappointed in my body's biology... why it couldn't produce just a few more eggs for my recipient. Though only five eggs were aspired, the nurses told me my eggs were excellent quality. I can only hope my intended parents get pregnant! If they don't, I am tempted to donate again to them (if they want me, of course), for a fraction of the compensation money. It's not about the money... I truly want this anonymous couple to get pregnant. Am I crazy for becoming so attached to a TTC couple I have never met before in my life?

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