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Monday, September 6, 2010

Day 3 Menopure, Follistim/Day 7 Lupron

Yesterday was day 2 (today day 3) of my Menopure and Follistim injections, and my 6th day (today day 7) of Lupron. I can barely feel the injections of Lupron, however, Follistim has a little sting to it. Nothing too scary or painful though. Honestly, the shots aren't really that bad. I have very slight bruising on my abdomen since beginning Menopure and Follistim (never with Lupron), but with my ovaries increasing in size, it's not like I'm sporting a bikini, showing off my midriff.
Emotionally, I have been feeling... well, for a lack of better words, "emotional." For example, yesterday, I began crying after a party thrown by my in-laws, because my husband left my side for 15 minutes. Today, was a lot better though. I didn't feel crazy-girl emotions or anything (Thank goodness). I was told crying and moodiness were symptoms of this medication. I figure that 2 weeks of being on an emotional roller-coaster is totally worth a potential child being born to my recipients. Until retrieval, I will try to hold in any silly girl emotions ;)

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