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Thursday, August 2, 2012

My Fat Pants Aren't Fitting Me

What today looks like: 
Lupron: Day 11
Receive my Stim Meds Tomorrow
Begin Stim Meds August 6th
Target Day Retrieval: August 17th

This morning I hopped onto the weight scale to see how severe the damage was since I've been taking Lupron. The damage was pretty bad. Lupron definitely facilitated the rapid weight gain. I have to keep telling myself that the weight will come off.... eventually. I am going to try not to give in to any of my irrational food cravings. 

The apothecary (a specialty pharmacy) is having my stimulation medications delivered to my home tomorrow. These stimulation medications will be a combination of hormones that will stimulate my ovaries to produce eggs. After a couple of days of injecting these hormones, I will inject hCG (Human chorionic gonadotropin) to force me to ovulate (release the eggs)-- just in time for the retrieval on August 17th. 

I am crossing my fingers this couple will have a successful outcome like I had the previous two donations! 

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