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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Retrieval Day for my 3rd Donation

Last night was a medication free night! What a relief, because the dosage of medications this physician had me on was out of this world. The last time I took my injections was 48 hours ago, where I injected myself with the trigger shot.

The day of and before retrieval, I'm usually feeling heavy, nauseous and extremely tired. At least these were my symptoms for my past 2 donations. Yesterday and today, I feel fine. I'm actually nervous and scared because I feel just fine. I'm still pretty bloated, so that symptom is still similar feeling to my previous donations.
This morning, it was required to check in 2 hours prior to surgery. I still have about an hour to go before they put me under anesthesia and my body is forced to go in a less than modest position for all the see. I always get really nervous before retrieval. It may be a "same-day surgery process" but I can't help my stomach's butterflies right before. I also get scared for the pain that I might feel a couple hours after surgery.
Wish me luck and I'll update later!


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