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Monday, August 13, 2012

Scrambled Eggs... I mean, "thoughts."

Where I'm at it today: 
Day 7: Follistim 300IU
Day 7: Menopure: 1 NaCl mixed with 2 Menopure vials. 
Day 22: Lupron 5IU

Yesterday, my husband and I had a blast sightseeing around the city. We like to do active activities really early in the week prior to retrieval because as the target date approaches, I start feeling really heavy and sick. 
Since my estrogen levels are rising, I am expecting to sleep more frequently. Today, I feel the symptoms of sleepiness though. My results are not back from my monitoring appointment this morning, but I am sure my estrogen levels will be through the roof, the way I am feeling right now. 

I think a lot of the reason I am starting to feel sick today, is the crazy morning I had. I don't know if the medication is messing with my ovaries AND my mind, because I am losing it. My clinic specifically told me to meet with the assisting physician at another hospital today, but I got that mixed up, and went to the main physician's office. My scheduled time was at 9AM, however, there was a LONG line for an ultrasound. Long, like, over 2 hours long! While I waited to be called in for ultrasound, I went in to get my blood drawn to check my hCG, FSH, LH and estrogen levels. Once those results are in, the doc will be able to tell me whether or not to decrease or increase my medication. 
My ultrasound tech told me that since Friday, my ovaries have increased a lot in size. I know that's a good sign- I just hope I'm at where I'm supposed to be. 
I need to have another good cycle, because another set of parents are looking at me for another donation. My past two cycles were good! My eggs were able to help two other women have successful pregnancies. 

Sorry, my writing in this post is all over the place. We are on our way out, and I rushed through all the details and my thoughts might not all make sense. More detailed and ordered thoughts later! 

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