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Monday, August 6, 2012

Oh the joys of feeling menopausal

What today looks like: 
Blood work this morning
Got my uterus and ovaries checked out this morning too
Still taking Lupron
Start stimulation injections tonight

I headed out to the monitoring clinic to see how Bonnie and Clyde were doing... eh-em, my ovaries. The doc was happy to share that my ovaries were cyst free and uterine lining was thin (in other words, my uterine lining was perfect). I love to hear that my body is cooperating with the medications. If you've been a past reader, I died a little inside when I found out I had a cyst on an ovary, causing the intended parents to wait an additional month for their eggs. 

The only part of me that died a little this morning was my left arm. The tech drawing my blood today did NOT know what the heck she was doing. I have excellent veins, so I consider myself a phlebotomist's dream. She inserted a butterfly into the antecubital (AC) part of my arm, however, blood was barely coming out. She shoved the needle further in my arm and then rotated it in all directions. I wanted to scream &%$#*, but I decided to fight against the Lupron telling me to go crazy. I took a deep breath and told her that she should try to draw blood from the top of my hand. Drawing blood from there is more painful than the AC area, but I needed her to get her needle out asap. About a million minutes later, she was finally done. 

While the doc was playing paparazzi to my lovely ovaries, he was talking to me about how I was feeling on Lupron. I mentioned that I had been going through some mood swings, difficulty sleeping, night sweats and weight gain. He mentioned that those were all common symptoms, because Lupron makes the body feel like that of a menopausal woman. I've donated twice before, but had never heard a doctor describe it like that before. My craziness lately felt so validated. I forgot to mention to the doc that I have been having really bad stomach cramps. Cramps aren't anything new though. I just don't know if the cramping is normal. I guess I'll find out when we fly to ______ and see the doc.

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