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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Day 6 Repronex/Follistim

Where I'm At:
Repronex/Follistim - Day 6
Lupron - Day 17
No Birth Control

Today, I jumped on the scale to see if I had gained weight, with growing ovaries and all. I gained a little less than 3 pounds. I wonder how much bigger my ovaries have grown since I began Follistim/Repronex?

My "bum shots" are getting better- in fact, my husband is quite a pro at it. I still don't look forward to it, and I wait until the last possible minute to have him administer it. The secret to less pain inflicted, was sticking the needle deeper in my flesh, and more into my muscle. Before, I warned my husband to not stick it in too deep, and a bubble on my butt was a result of my simple request. Plus, it stung more.

We will be traveling to ____ here soon. I am hoping for an early retrieval than what they have planned, so my husband and I can come back home. Both of us are missing lots of work, so we are anxious to get back. I get reimbursed for lost wages, however, my husband does not.

Other than travel plans, two of my friends have signed up with my agency! I am really excited to share/talk about similar experiences with friends. I tend to keep all this a "big secret," in fear that others will judge me for my decisions to help another family.


the good eggs said...

That's amazing that your friends have signed much to talk about there. I've told only a handful of my friends, but so far none of them have considered it.

Anonymous Egg Donor said...

Yes! My friends and I are recent college graduates and saving for medical school... Donating seems like a fast and efficient way to save for it!

What do your friends say when you mention it?