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Friday, December 3, 2010

Doctor's Appointment

My husband and flew into _____. Today I felt heavier than usual, but I think it's because I had an appointment with the doctor today telling me how large my ovaries/follicles were. The doctor says I am stimulating just fine, and everything looks great!

I felt "large" after that statement. Despite my "large" feeling, I was still able to be adventurous with my husband and tour scenic areas of the city. We walked around for hours! I made sure this was a fun-filled day because I might feel "too large" the next day to do anything fun.

I didn't feel "fat" today. On my first cycle, I felt really bloated by now. But, I guess every cycle is a different experience. The best way to describe the way you feel, is that your ovaries feel like your abdomen is filled with multiple water-balloons. Walking around sightseeing with "water-balloons" in your tummy isn't always pleasurable, however, everyone has a different experience. For instance, a friend of mine who also donates tells me that she does not feel any different pre-aspiration. She feels bloated post-surgery. In my case, I feel like water-balloons are in my tummy before aspiration, and bloated a couple days post-surgery.

Anyways, until next time!

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