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Saturday, December 4, 2010

HCG Trigger Shot

Doc's Orders:
Tonight, take HCG trigger shot.. in the bum-bum :(
No more Repronex!! :)

Yesterday, my estradiol levels were evaluated and everything looks perfect. Surgery is planned for December 6th, with my HCG trigger shot taken today (12/4). Because everything is well with my estradiol levels, I do not have to take anymore Repronex injections in the bum-bum! Yesss!! This is good news people!!

We toured _____ the entire day. The city we visited is in the top 15 most populous cities in the United States, so it was kind of a big deal. Once again, parking was outrageous, so my husband and I parked miles away to avoid high costs. I realize we are scrooges when it comes to spending the least amount of money on these egg donation trips.

We must have walked a million miles (it felt like it!). I was shocked at how well I was doing, you know... with water balloons in my tummy and all. I definitely "felt" my ovaries moving with any jerky movements.

Summary of this City: I feel like people "talked up" this city so much, that I was expecting "fireworks and rainbows." We got neither...

Too busy...
Too Sinful....
Too costly...
Too much walking for the girl with growing ovaries!!

I'm exaggerating... kinda'. We did have fun, and did adventurous, expensive things... but, nothing to get too hyped about. It's fun to say that we've been there.

Our friends and family have their eyebrows raised at how we afford to take these long "vacations" in costly tourist areas. If they only knew it was all paid for by my wonderful intended parents. I feel very grateful to them for them being so generous by paying so much for me to be comfortable. The only way I can ever repay them, is to hope and pray, my eggs will be successful!


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