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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Follistim/Repronex - Day 3

Where I'm at:
Lupron AM - Day 14
Follistim/Repronex (Mixed) PM - Day 3
No Birth Control

My first time injecting the mix, I "cheated the system" by switching the needle to a smaller one. This injection is meant to be intramuscular, and using a smaller needle did not allow the medication to reach the muscle, therefore, causing a small bubble on my upper right quadrant of my buttox. The bubble went away after a few minutes, but I learned to face my fear of the larger needle. On the second day of Repronex and Follistim, my husband injected me as gently as he could. I was surprised that it did not hurt as I'd imagined it out to be. I owe a lot to this blog post I found. She talked a lot about how it looks worse than it actually felt. The injection itself did not really hurt, however, Follistim seems to have a slight after-stinging feel (remember this post during my 1st cycle?) To be honest, the upper right quadrant of my bum is still a little sore from yesterday. For tonight's injection, I might consider inviting my left bum side to the "Follistim/Repronex party" to avoid an extra sore right side.

Tomorrow morning, I have an appointment with my monitoring clinic to check my estradiol levels. I have been religiously doing all the necessary injections and other requirements, so I am confident, that levels should be good.

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