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Monday, October 11, 2010

Phoning the Doc - 2nd Cycle

Over the weekend, my husband and I completed signing the contract for my second donation cycle with my agency/IPs. I also had my phone appointment with my IP's clinic's doctor to get a update on my health background. I noticed right off the back that this doctor/staff did not sound as warm as the staff in my previous donation. They were a bit more rigid, however, there are some things that the physician talked to me about, that made me trust her/him infinitely. Some things I learned from our appointed conversation:

Firstly, I take vitamins/herbs on a daily basis. One specific vitamin that I had been taking actually increases the metabolism of drugs. Therefore, one of reasons that I during my first cycle, I produced few eggs- the medications I was taking, was getting metabolized too quickly. I was asked about any vitamins/herbs that I took daily from my previous clinic, however, they did not advise to discontinue my supplements. Starting tomorrow, I will be discontinuing that specific vitamin. (If you'd like to know which vitamin I was advised to steer clear of during this donation, please email me. For anonymity purposes, I like to use as little details as possible in this blog). At the end of our conversation, I asked the physician a question about the couple I will be working with. I like to know a little about the couple, so I asked why this couple wanted me. My first couple chose me mainly for my intellect and achievements. My second couple are choosing me because I look like the intended mother.
Secondly, without me even having to ask... the doctor asked about my recent weight gain (approx. 10lbs) since my last retrieval. I told him/her that I was a difficult time shedding these few extra pounds, despite that I haven't been exercising as religiously like I did before I went into my first cycle. She/He told me that this was common, and to try the Atkins Diet or South Beach Diet. The physician informed these types of medications hold on to our calories, and by cutting our carbs for a time, the weight should come right off. I've decided to begin the Atkins diet tomorrow.
Thirdly, the doctor informed that another reason I may have had a small amount of eggs, is because the cysts I developed mid-cycle did not completely go away. Despite the small number from my first donation, the clinics do know that I am proven, and have good-quality eggs.
Exciting News: My agency called, and informed about another couple wanting to sign with me for an egg retrieval in January! I feel thrilled that another couple wants to use me.
I am still very excited that my IPs are pregnant, and asked my agency if sending a "Congratulations" card would be OK. After my retrieval, I gave the all the nurses that I worked with a "Thank You" card, as well as to my intended parents. I don't want my IPs to think I am trying to invade their privacy, by sending a second card (to congratulate this time around). My agency thought this was a great idea. On that note, does anyone have any ideas on what to write to an intended parent's card of congratulations? I am a google queen and even tried searching for common messages for such an event... but everything sounded like I was trying to be in the child's life- which is NOT what I want. For example: "Can't wait to meet your new addition!"
Any ideas?

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