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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Vagina Ultrasounds, rainbows and butterflies.

I've always had a hard time scheduling my Well-women exams, because they are not the most comfortable thing. Since I became in contract with my IP, I have had 4 vaginal ultrasounds in less than 2 months,so... putting my legs in the stirrups, in my birthday suit from the waist down, has almost become second nature to me. I'm glad my bravery about doing spread eagles more often than usual to physicians has increased. Maybe now, my well-woman exams will not be so bad for anymore next year.

Early this morning, I checked in at my monitoring clinic for an ultrasound of my ovaries and blood work on my estradiol (estrogen) levels. I was afraid that my intended parent would delay the process after the ultrasound today, because an ovarian cyst had developed on one of my ovaries. To my relief, my fert. nurse gave me to go-ahead to begin taking 10 units of Lupron shots tonight. On the 25th, I am instructed to take my last active birth control, because these contraceptives will overlap the Lupron. From what I understand, Lupron is utilized to suppress your reproductive hormones and for the clinics to have complete control of my cycle. When I begin my cycle (which should be soon!), I will make an appointment with my monitoring clinic for a vaginal ultrasound, and also decrease my units of lupron to 5. Here is a picture of the two boxes I received earlier this week that held over $3,000 worth of medications... wowza!


Sorry... nothing else really exciting today!

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