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Friday, July 16, 2010

I'm getting the shots next Tuesday!


I'm receiving my shot medicine next Tuesday (7/20). There will be three types of shot I will have to administer everyday, beginning the 22nd of July. The intended parent's agency has given me a tentative time on my next, and final visit to New York* for the egg aspiration (8/11).

(I found this video to watch! It's really informative!)

I'm much more excited to go with a companion for this upcoming trip. On my last day-trip to NY*, I was scared in the Big Apple by myself for the first time! I am taking my husband this time around for the week. When you become a donor, and you have to travel out of state, the intended parent's should/will pay for your rental car, approximately $50/day to the donor, and $100/week to the companion. I do think that the salary per day should be increased... During my last visit to NY, the $50 barely covered me. When I returned the rented vehicle, I had to refuel the gas tank (I didn't use much gas, so it turned out to be $5 to fill it back up... I also had to pay an extra fee of $25 because I'm under the age of 25), plus I am a cautious individual, so I purchased the 1-day insurance (17.99). I was left with just a few dollars to my name for the day... and I hadn't even eaten yet! I settled for a sub at subway (the only meal I ate the entire day). Is anyone else a donor that reads this, that gets slightly more for her daily salary while traveling? I know the entire process is EXPENSIVE for the parent, and I don't want to be greedy... but, what is a fair amount to give a donor for the day?


Emily said...

I totally agree that the daily allowances are ridiculous at some places. My first agency was wonderful and I had plenty of money for my expenses. I was given $50 a day for food, and I think $50 a day in travel expenses in NY (I used taxi and train, didn't rent a car) Awesome agency! They took VERY good care of me.

The second agency I worked with barely covered my food for the day,let alone water, gatorade, etc. and did not provide companion travel or any expenses for someone to be with me. It ended up costing me money to be there. I didn't want to be greedy, but the $30 a day I was given was not enough to cover 3 meals a day and gatorade, water, etc. to stay adequately hydrated, which is IMPORTANT in preventing OHSS. I was asked to donate through that agency again 2 separate times, but they were unwilling to work with me on daily allowances and companion so I had to turn them down. Covering the extra cost of my food and the costs associated with bringing a companion as well as paying my lost wages would have left me with with nothing after being compensated for the donation. Unfortunate. I wasn't in it for the money, but I can't sacrafice my life and my health when it's going to end up costing me money.

Anonymous Egg Donor said...

I tried clicking on your link, but it looks like your blog is private, or you don't have one. Thanks for writing back though. Your reply to my question was much appreciated!

Your first agency sounded great, so why did you change to a another agency? The $30/day for meals is nothing but crazy! When traveling out of state, meals can be so costly, especially because we are having to eat out for all three meals (+water etc).

So have you ended up donating again with the first agency?