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Friday, May 14, 2010

Still on Birth Control and blood test results

Nothing really egg-citing going on around here... I am still on their specified birth control. The new birth control, Desogen, is making me have the craziest mood swings, and I swear has affected my eating habits. I am ALWAYS hungry now. I am always so hungry, that I am afraid my Zumba video won't be able to eliminate my excess calories. I have noticed weight gain... but, for $5,000 compensation, I am alright with it. Normally, I am a 5'8 female that weighed about 140'ishlbs. I am now a whopping 155lbs.

Despite my obvious weight gain, I do have good news! My blood test results came back successful! The next step for a first-time donor is a psychological evaluation (to make sure I'm not some crazy girl). I found out the evaluation itself is over $400 for the intended parents to pay! The test itself is a 500 questionnaire (um, wow). I am a college graduate, so I am fairly familiar with ridiculously long exams, so I'm sure I won't develop carpal tunnel or anything after taking the long evaluation. I know I am a mentally sound person, and I wish the couple did not have to shell out anymore than they need to.
My agency has told me that the couple has chosen August as an egg retrieval month. I am a little disappointed, because I wanted an earlier retrieval (to get off the birth control faster). Oh well. I am happy for the intended parents future, (whatever, the month), unborn children that will hopefully come out of the procedure :)


EggDonor27 said...

It's great that you're documenting this experience! Good luck with your donation process.

Anonymous Egg Donor said...

Same to you! I love getting to know people on blogger who are/have gone through the same process!