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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Meeting an infertile couple

I have now gone through three egg donations as a donor. I have helped three women have babies, and I   feel blessed that I could help a couple in need. I have not ever met any of the recipient couples, so it was hard for me to relate to their path to this decision. 

Yesterday, I got to meet an infertile couple face-to-face. Hearing their story brought tears to my eyes, and I knew in my heart that my decision to be a donor was the best decision I have ever made. Along with my employment in the emergency room, I am a photographer and shoot movies recreationally. I have been asked to assist shooting weddings and at one time, a reality show. Yesterday, I was asked to assist with the infertile couple making a short family video for their adoption profile. They already have adopted one child, but they are wanting to expand their family. They are hoping that this video will set them apart from the other thousands of online profiles, helping them get selected.  I hope they are selected :) 

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