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Monday, April 5, 2010

Egg Donation

Less than a year ago, I signed up to be an egg donor. With a bachelors in Biology, I thought the whole process was pretty fascinating... though, my family did not think so. When I tried to bring up the idea of donating my eggs to another family, my mother about had a stroke. She strongly discouraged my "idea" of donating, saying it would effect my fertility in the future, and how much I would regret it. To quiet her concerns, I told her I would not go through with the donation process.... yet...

My profile became available for intended parents soon after documents were signed, and I was disappointed when I wasn't picked the next day. I found out later, it usually takes 1-3 years to get picked out of an agency! I got even more discouraged when my agency coordinator would call me excitedly when a couple had asked to look at my profile and pictures. Disappointedly, intended parents were always too nervous to take a risk with a first time donor... I wasn't proven, and I didn't have children. It was for these reasons, I was eggstatic to hear that a couple was in the midst of choosing between myself and another proven donor. After what felt like centuries (only a week), I found out they had chosen me! I felt so lucky that these intended parents thought I was worth taking the risk. I promised myself when I found out the news, that I would do my absolute best to take care of myself, for these wonderful people. So, after signing 30 pages in contract with my agency, I am ready to roll!

I am told, the next step is a 500 question psychology exam (to make sure I am mentally well, I guess?), birth control pills, blood work, and a vaginal ultrasound (yay...). All this will begin on day three of my next period. I just had my menstrual cycle, so we'll have to wait another month.... I will update the blog then!

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